bomb1 [ bam ] noun ***
1. ) count a weapon made to explode at a particular time or when it hits something:
Bombs fell on the city every night for two weeks.
plant a bomb: The bomb had been planted in a busy street.
a ) only before noun relating to or caused by a bomb:
a bomb attack
a bomb blast/explosion
2. ) count AMERICAN a container in which insect poison is kept under pressure:
a flea bomb (=used for killing fleas)
3. ) the bomb or the Bomb OLD-FASHIONED nuclear weapons, considered as a group
to be someone or something that you like very much. This expression is used by young people.
look like a bomb has hit it INFORMAL
to look very messy:
Your bedroom looks like a bomb has hit it!
bomb 2 [ bam ] verb **
1. ) transitive to attack a place with a bomb:
NATO aircraft bombed the town again last night.
The railroad station was bombed by terrorists.
be heavily/badly bombed: This whole area was heavily bombed during the conflict.
2. ) bomb or bomb out intransitive INFORMAL to be very unsuccessful:
The movie bombed at the box office (=not many people went to see it).
a ) intransitive or transitive INFORMAL to fail a test very badly:
I bombed my geography quiz.
3. ) intransitive bomb along/up/down BRITISH INFORMAL to move somewhere very quickly, especially in a vehicle
,bomb `out phrasal verb intransitive INFORMAL
same as BOMB 2 2
be bombed out (of something)
to be forced to leave a place because of being attacked by bombs:
Half the town was bombed out of their homes in the raid.
,bomb `out of phrasal verb transitive AMERICAN INFORMAL
bomb out of something to have to leave something such as a competition because you have failed badly or been easily defeated:
After only six months, the company bombed out of the computer software business.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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